Ask the boy why he's on your mountain and try and make friends

Were it not for that refreshing sip of water, you could have eaten up the boy. But now your curiosity has the upper hand and your grumbling belly peevishly hides behind your rumbling mind.

"What are you doing here?" you ask the boy in the most furious tone you have ever heard from yourself since the boy doesn't seem in the least frightened when you vehemently block his way as an avalanche.

"To your abode, your Excellency! To offer you a bargain."

A rush of fuming fire is caught entangled in your throat as you stand there torn between two emotions. One, an extreme desire to devour this bold creature who dares to offer you a bargain so cold-bloodedly ; and the other, an extraordinary thirst to know what the bargain is and why this boy is talking to you in such a language as if you are a king of some sort.

You open your mouth and at the same time the rusty lid of the chest of your vocabulary when... Achew! The fiery knot in your throat seizes the opportunity to escape...

"Bless you, your Excellency! I thought you might be interested in giving me half of your treasure for a book called 'The Heart-Burnt Dragon'

It is as if an arrow hits your heel. You nearly lose your balance but pretend that you are just changing your position. You fly to the upper protruding cliff and try your best to hide that you are knocked down by a shower of heavy blows from a bunch of question marks.

Who is this boy? How come he knows about dragons' weak point? Why was he hiding first but now he's standing in front of you so self-assuredly? Is this book he is talking about real? Or is it just a dirty trick to rip you off? Is he alone or an army is waiting in ambush?

"To save you from any doubt, your Excellency", this is his voice bringing your mind back to the surface from drowning in a spinning whirlpool, "I have brought half of the book. I leave it here with you. You can read it at ease. In case you prefer to have the other half, you will blow seven rushes of fire exactly at the time the moon is hiding behind the mountain. Tomorrow I will come with my donkey to take my share of the treasure and to bring the other half. Deal, your Excellency?"

You are in that spinning whirlpool again and your grumbling belly steps forward to overshadow your slender mind with its now ever-growing corpus....

Do you




this section written by Human Being... thanks

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