Omar's Adventure

There was no way that you could have known the day you had in front of you when your eyes blinked open and caught the first rays of sunlight streaming into your cave. There you lay atop your heap of gold and treasure in that place between sleep and awake where you still remember your dreams. But the grumble in your belly told you it was time to stretch out your wings and decide what to do with the morning. It wasn't as easy being a dragon as everyone thought. They figured it was as simple as picking which village to pillage, which village to burn. All that they saw was the scales and talons, the sleek reptilian shape, the fiery breath. They had no idea that dragons had feelings too.

Since you'd been born you'd actually never seen another dragon. There was just you and your cracked shell sitting on all that gold. You weren't sure how you came to be or who had left your egg. You simply were and that was enough. Your only friend, Phoenix, had offered a bunch of explanations, none of them satisfactory. He suggested that perhaps dragon eggs appeared out of thin air whenever there was a concentration of wealth in one place, or that you had been left by a dragon stork, like how human children were delivered to their families. Phoenix was your friend but some parts of your mind figured that Phoenix was a bit of a lummox. He was your companion and council, being the only creature you'd encountered who wasn't terrified of your size, though some days you had to ask yourself if he wasn't dropped out of the pyre as an infant.

"Oh my," you thought, "What am I going to do for breakfast? I know that there's that flock of sheep off to the north, and there's always lots of fish in the lake near Konigsberg. But I'm sick of eating sheep and fish. Maybe I'll fly out to the coast and see if there's any ships coming in. Those merchants always have barley and wheat. I could sure go for some grain today. Fills me up proper grain does."

You step down off the gold and take a sip of water from the crevice created by the melting snow on the peak of the mountain. A rush of steam pours out of your gills. "Ah, so refreshing."

You yawn a fiery yawn and begin down the tunnel, barely big enough to allow your mass to squeeze through. As you emerge into the open you notice a villager, a young boy, who is trying to hide behind an outcrop of stone, half way up your mountain. "Now what is he doing here?" you think to yourself.

Do you




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