Eat the boy for breakfast and continue on your way

The tasty morsel is dispatched and swallowed with lethal efficiency. You really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about food other than finding it and eating it. Once, you tried to speak to a human, but all they did was yell and scream and throw things. Of course you had no great expectations for the conversation to begin with, so you were not disappointed. Conversing with lunch never really seemed necessary.

You would be surprised if you knew that humans would find this odd behavior, but you know less about humans than they know about the sheep they eat. Sometimes humans designate one animal a pet-and that animal is not eaten. You would find THAT odd behavior.
Phoenix arrives as you arrange the stones on the rocky outcrop for your morning nap and sun bath. With breakfast so close by, you decided to enjoy a leisurely morning. Phoenix does not really grasp the concept of leisure and is not easily put off. You sniff and think wistfully of the warm nap that you will not have.

“Are you just now getting up? No matter, we have much to do today. There is a great feast planned for the village, I heard Crow talking about it early this morning. I get up very early you know, but Crow arises even before I do. I don’t know what the feast is for, but I do plan on joining the villager for some tasty tidbits. I forget what month it is. Wouldn’t it be grand if it were the persimmon month? I love those things. Love love love them,” Phoenix says while arranging his wings and smoothing the flight feathers.

You’ve never met Crow and all you know of Crow you know from Phoenix. The one time you asked Phoenix to ask Crow to join the two of you, Phoenix became very flustered and angry. “Of course Crow will not join us,” Phoenix guffawed. “He’s afraid you’d eat him for a snack. Don’t be silly.” So, you never asked again.

Phoenix would occasionally ask for some trinket to take to Crow for information. Crow was able to spend a lot of time around the villagers, who ignored him. He was a great source of news about the comings and goings of the village. But, Crow had a fondness for shiny objects which sometimes put him at odds with the villagers. When the craving, as Crow called it, came upon him, he would with hold information from Phoenix. Often, he would drop a less than subtle hint….such as a cackled “Can’t hang out in the village today, too many shiny things to tempt me at the market. Pity, really, there is so much to listen to…..”

Phoenix takes an extra long time to preen today. This usually indicates he has news or knowledge of great import. You are patient, but if you don’t ask, Phoenix may become grumpy and leave in a huff. So, you ask.

“Persimmons do sound nice. How can I help?”

Phoenix preens one final vagrant bit of fluff, puffs out his chest and says:





This section written by Debra Kay

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